Polish Teaching Services

I am a freelance language teacher with 10 years of certified language study and over 6 years professional experience of teaching language in schools.

I have taught English and Polish at language schools and on a one to one basis to many students, all who have been very happy with my patient and friendly teaching methods.

Whether you're looking to brush up your Polish for an upcoming holiday, or you've expanded your business and are looking to give your department a crash course in basic Polish, or you've decided you want to perminately stay in the UK and want to take your English to the next level, I am able to adapt my teaching methods to the ability of each individual student.

I teach English and Polish at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Teaching Prices (per Hour)
£20 per hr - one student
£30 per hr - two students
£40 per hr - up to four students
£90 per hr - up to twenty students

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